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4 Reasons To Install Zinc Gutters On Your Home

If your home's gutters are old and failing, then you might be thinking about installing new ones. If you prefer to use metal guttering or want to make the switch from plastics, then zinc gutters are worth a look.

Read on to find out more about their benefits.

1. Zinc Gutters Are Durable

Ideally, gutters should last for years. You shouldn't have to do much maintenance or repair work on them. However, some materials last longer than others.

Zinc is one of the most durable guttering options on the market. This metal can deal with various weather conditions. It won't get damaged by even extreme temperatures, heavy rain, or lots of exposure to sunlight.

Zinc also has added corrosion resistance. Unlike some metals which might rust as they get older, zinc gutters should stay rust-free. This metal develops a natural patina as it ages.

This patina creates a protective covering that prevents rust from damaging the underlying metal. It also develops constantly. So, if a gutter gets scratched, the zinc will produce more patina to cover the damage.

2. Zinc Gutters Are Lightweight

Some metal gutters are heavy. For example, you have to think about the weight of harder steels before you install them. Heavier gutters are harder to handle and to put in place; they might need additional support to ensure that they don't stress your roof or sidings.

Zinc is a lighter metal. It is easier and faster to install, and it shouldn't need extra support.

3. Zinc Gutters Have Fire Resistance

If you have a fire around your home, then you want its external structure to give you as much protection as possible. Some guttering systems won't do this. For example, plastic gutters might melt in the heat of a fire and cause more damage.

Zinc isn't combustible. It has a high melting point. It can resist fire and won't cause related damage.

4. Zinc Gutters Work Well With Rainwater Harvesting Systems

If you harvest rainwater from your guttering system, then you need to think about how the materials you use might affect the quality of your water. A metal gutter that corrodes will pass rust particles into your harvesting system; plastics can degrade and contaminate water.

Zinc is a non-toxic material. It won't affect the quality of any water you harvest. Your water will be cleaner and more hygienic.

For more information, contact a company that installs gutters and ask about their zinc product ranges.

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