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4 Unique Circumstances When You Should Schedule Seawall Inspection Services

Owning a property near the waterfront or an oceanfront is a great way to enjoy beautiful ocean views. However, it is also important to understand the potential risks of owning a property near the water. One of those risks is damaged seawalls. Seawalls can be an absolute lifesaver in protecting properties from flooding and erosion, but they require regular maintenance and inspection to remain effective. To ensure your seawall is properly working, it's important to schedule regular seawall inspection services. Here are four unique circumstances when you should consider scheduling a seawall inspection.

After Extreme Weather Events 

Extreme weather events can take a toll on the condition of your seawall. After a severe storm, flooding, or hurricane, it is important to schedule an inspection as soon as possible. The inspection will help identify any damage that may have occurred and ensure your seawall is still properly protecting your property from flooding and erosion. If issues like cracks, gaps, or other damage need to be repaired, the inspector can recommend a course of action.

When Purchasing a Property

Buying a beach home or commercial property can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it is important to understand the responsibilities that come with being a homeowner. If you're purchasing a property near the waterfront, it's a good idea to schedule a seawall inspection. The inspection can help you understand the condition of the seawall and if any maintenance issues should be addressed.

After Major Renovations

If you've recently completed major renovations near your seawall, it is important to have the structure inspected. Renovations can lead to the unexpected movement of dirt and soil, which can lead to problems with the foundation or stability of your seawall. An inspection can help identify any issues caused by the renovation and ensure your seawall is still structurally sound.

After Long Periods Without Inspection

Regularly scheduled inspections are important to ensure your seawall is working as intended. If it's been more than a few years since your last inspection, it is a good idea to schedule one. It is an important part of maintenance, and it can ensure your seawall is doing its job and protecting your property. Consult a competent contractor to determine how often you should schedule an inspection.

No matter your circumstance, scheduling regular seawall inspections is essential for the safety and protection of your waterfront property. Seawall inspections can help identify potential issues and ensure the safety of your property from flooding and erosion. Consult a qualified contractor to help you understand when to schedule a seawall inspection. 

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