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Should You Put In A New Deck Railing On Your Home?

If you have a deck and want to put in a new railing, your deck specialist can show you several types of railings that can meet your needs. In many cases, a deck railing has to be replaced or updated because it has either broken or is no longer up to code. Changes in your needs for your deck, such as wanting a round handrail or other new feature, can also necessitate the need for a new deck railing.

Don't have a deck railing at all? It's time to get one; a deck should have a secure railing to keep those who are using the deck safe from falling and to reinforce the deck, even if it's on the main floor of the home. Here are signs a new railing for your deck is what you need.

Your railing is wobbly and not secure

You can secure an older deck railing in a way that is more durable, but if the railing needs lots of reinforcement, it's best to just replace it. Your deck specialist will show you several railing options, including a round handrail style, to help make your deck more sturdy and more reliable. If your wobbly or not secure railing on your deck is making it so you can no longer use it, then you should absolutely have the railing upgraded.

Your deck has an older and wide-spaced railing

Railing rungs should be close together to prevent someone from slipping through and to make the rails close enough that someone could not stick their head through. The railing should also be high enough that someone could not fall over the edge, namely a child. If your deck railing is older and not up to code, has wide-spaced rails, or is too short, it is a hazard and a potential danger and could be flagged as not being up to code should you put your home on the market or have other concerns with your house.

It's easy to upgrade your railing; simply call a deck specialist and have them design a new one for you. Depending on your county laws, you may have to get a permit before you work on your deck. Once your new railing is in place on your deck, you can start using the exterior feature again. Your deck is important to you. Make sure you get the most out of your experience and take advantage of a beautiful and updated new deck. 

For more information about deck railings, contact a local company. 

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