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Kitchen Remodeling Contractors Suggest Skipping These Trendy Items

As a homeowner, it is easy to watch home renovation shows and imagine how amazing your remodeled kitchen would look with all those trendy finishes and high-end appliances. However, it is important to remember that some of those kitchens are owned by people who do very little cooking. Some of the kitchens are designed simply to increase the home's resale value rather than as functional kitchen cooking spaces.

Since your family will cook in your new kitchen space, it's important to know what kitchen items look good but should stay in the remodeling TV shows. Some trendy items that kitchen remodeling contractors suggest most homeowners skip include:

In-the-Kitchen Office Space

When you honestly think about it, would you ever sit in the kitchen to work or pay bills when other locations are bound to be more comfortable? Would your children really want to sit in the kitchen at a small desk space versus dumping out their backpacks on the kitchen table? While the dedicated mini-office space seems great in theory, in reality, the area will become a catchall for newspapers, mail, and other clutter. The space is much better used to install another cabinet or add more counter space.

Kitchen Window Treatments

If your neighbors cannot see into your kitchen, then consider skipping kitchen window treatments altogether. Kitchens need as much natural light as possible. Even blocking part of a window with a shade or curtain filters out too much light. Not to mention, kitchen shades or curtains quickly look dingy due to a buildup of cooking grease and dust. If kitchen window treatments are a must for privacy, then choose sheer or opaque shades to allow light through while still obscuring the view.

Open Shelving

While all of your dishes and glassware stay clean and dust-free inside of a cabinet, they will quickly collect dust and a thin layer of grease when sitting on open shelves. Open shelving looks great if you have beautiful dishes or cookware to display. However, open shelving is also a housekeeping nightmare for whoever has to regularly take everything off of them and clean dust.

If you love shelves, then put some in the living room and opt for glass kitchen cabinet doors if you want everyone to see what's stored inside. You'll be able to show off your nice kitchenware, but it'll still be easy to clean.

Contact a local kitchen remodeling contractor to learn more.

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