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4 Signs Your Chimney Needs a Repair

If you have a chimney in your home, then there might be times when it develops a problem. Sometimes, you simply need a quick repair; in extreme cases, you might need to hire a masonry contractor to take the chimney down and replace it.

What are the signs that your chimney has a problem?

1. Brick and Mortar Damage

Sometimes, a chimney's bricks or mortar start to degrade and break down. If you can get a clear view of your chimney, then you might see signs of these kinds of damage.

For example, chimney bricks sometimes develop spalling problems. When this happens, water inside the bricks damages their surface. The surface might then fall off, flake, or start to peel.

Mortar problems are also common. Here, parts of the mortar might break away as it gets old. It might crack. Sometimes, it loses its hard surface and starts to crumble.

2. Internal Damage

If your chimney has a problem, then it might look OK; however, you might see signs of damage inside your home. For example, your chimney might need repair if you start to find unusual debris in a fireplace. If you see pieces of masonry, mortar, or ceramics in this area, then your chimney, flue, or flue liner might have some damage.

If a chimney has a water ingress problem, then it might pass moisture into your home's walls or fireplaces. These areas might feel or look damp. If you ever see rust in your fireplace, then this is also a sign of moisture problems in the chimney or its flue liner.

3. Cracks

Cracks are a sign that your chimney has potentially serious problems. Sometimes, you see cracks in your bricks or masonry. If the chimney has moved, then the cracks might follow mortar lines.

It's most common to see cracks at the top of a chimney on its crown. This is the top layer of the chimney; it is usually made of cement. If you see cracks here, then you should fix them quickly. Damage in this area can spread to the rest of the chimney.

4. Leaning

A leaning chimney has a serious problem as it is a sign that the chimney can't support itself correctly. It might collapse or fall down on its own or in a high wind. This is a safety hazard that you should fix as soon as possible.

If you have any concerns about your chimney or want advice on its condition, then contact masonry contractors. 

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