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Know What You Should Not Put Into A Dumpster

Do you have a lot of trash that you need to get rid of, and you're thinking about renting a dumpster to do it? If so, know that all your trash may not be able to go into the dumpster. There are some things that are considered hazardous waste and must be disposed of in other ways. Here are some common items that are typically not allowed to be put into a dumpster. 


If you are performing a home improvement project and have old material with asbestos on them, know that the asbestos must be disposed of properly. You are putting people's health at risk by putting the asbestos in a dumpster since other people will be emptying the dumpster and the material will be put in a landfill. It is common for asbestos to only be accepted at certain landfills, and it must be brought in a sealed container.

Medical Waste

Any type of medical waste is not allowed to be thrown into the trash because of the risk it poses to others. Not only is there a risk of spreading a disease to other humans, but animals can be hurt by needles that are in landfills. Medical waste should be disposed of in special containers so that it can be disposed of in a safe way that does not harm others.


Tires should not be thrown away because they disrupt the process of how a landfill works. The shape of a tire actually causes a lot of methane gas to be trapped once the tire is buried. This can cause a big problem where it causes the liners used in landfills to become damaged due to the tires essentially pushing upward due to that collection of methane gas. Landfill waste must be packed tightly to avoid this from happening.


Any type of appliance that uses refrigerant must be prepped before it can be thrown away. This is because the appliance contains refrigerant inside it that can be dangerous to the soil if it escapes. You'll need to drain the appliance of all the refrigerant and dispose of it properly, and only then can the appliance be thrown away. It is common to not even allow people to throw appliances into dumpsters because it saves the trouble of needing to check if the appliance has been drained once it is found within the waste.

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