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The Unsung Benefits Of Replacing Your Old Windows

Why do people replace their old windows? So often, they do so in order to improve the look of their home or in an effort to save energy. Indeed, these are both big benefits of window replacement. However, there are also some other, less-mentioned benefits that are worth considering. Take a look.

Fewer allergens in the home.

So many people suffer from seasonal allergies. Whether you're allergic to the grass pollen that's everywhere in the spring or the ragweed pollen that gets spread all over at the end of summer, once that pollen enters your home, you can feel miserable for days on end. Old windows are often leaky enough that they let some air from outside blow in around the edges, and that air carries pollen along with it. New windows are much better sealed. As long as you keep them closed, they won't let pollen inside, which means your home can remain a safe retreat away from your allergens.

No drafts.

If you live in a cold area, you may have a problem with cold drafts coming in around the windows in the winter. A draft can chill you to the bone and make it hard to stay comfortable in your own home. New windows should not be drafty. Not only will they be tightly sealed so they don't let cold air in, but the glass itself is generally more insulating. You'll be able to walk past or sit near your windows without catching a chill, which is so satisfying when you're used to living in a drafty home.

Less mold.

So often, old windows start growing mold. They may still functionally open and close when the mold growth is in its early stages, but the mold is still there. It only takes a little mold to cause respiratory issues in people who are allergic to mold. And even those who do not have a specific mold allergy might be irritated by its presence. When you replace your windows and get rid of those old, moldy ones, you reduce your exposure to mold. Symptoms you didn't even realize were due to mold, like nausea and dry skin, may fade away.

Replacing your windows is about more than looks and energy efficiency. It is also about keeping your home safe and secure against pollen, mold, and cold drafts. Talk to a window replacement company like Andersen Windows and Doors Falmouth Lumber to see what your options are.

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