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How To Choose An Aluminum Fence: Creating The Perfect Design With Decorative Fencing

The selection of the perfect ornamental aluminum fencing for your home or business space takes careful planning. You have to carefully select your design, material, and installation options before ordering the fence. Below are some tips to help you choose the perfect aluminum fencing for your property.

Choose the Fence Style

Using an ornamental aluminum fence isn't about buying the cheapest fence you can find. There are basically three types of fences: flat-top, picket, and rail, and each type has its own style.

  • Flat-top—Flat-top fences are popular for swimming pools and backyards. Picket and rail fences are popular for perimeters, privacy, and other uses.
  • Picket—Picket fences come in two basic designs: colonial and straight. Picket fences are sometimes called picket fences because they are usually made of wood boards.
  • Rail—Rail fences come in a few basic designs: split rail, split rail with pickets, and split rail with a decorative top rail.
  • Specialty—The last type of fence is a specialty fence. Specialty fences include shadowbox, split rail with decorative top rails, estate rail, and estate split rail with decorative top rails. Specialty fences have one or more decorative top rails.

For the best look, use two or more of the designs together. This will give your fence a unique, personalized design.

Extruded Aluminum Fence Vs. Welded Fence

Extruded aluminum fence is the least expensive type of fence to buy, but it takes longer to install and is not easily repaired, whereas welded aluminum fence is easier to install and repair but more expensive to buy.

Aluminum fencing is almost always extruded. Most aluminum fencing consists of extruded rails and posts that are assembled on-site. The rails can be plain, smooth, or textured. The posts are usually round or square and made of aluminum or steel.

Welded aluminum fencing is less common than the extruded variety. It is also more expensive than extruded aluminum fencing, but it usually has more features. Welded aluminum fencing is easy to install and relatively easy to repair. These fences can be pre-assembled or pre-welded, so there are fewer panels to assemble. A welded aluminum fence also comes in different shapes. The most common shapes are straight, arch, and scallop.

Aluminum fencing can be a great addition to any home or business property. Knowing about the best ornamental fencing options will help you choose the best design when installing a new fence for your property. Contact an ornamental aluminum fencing service, such as Ornamental Design Ironworks Inc, to discuss these options for your project.  

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