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Reasons To Use More Reclaimed Wood In Your Home Design

If you want to feature a lot of wood, or even some wood, in your home design, then it's a good idea to use reclaimed wood. This is wood that was formerly used for some other purpose, such as to construct a barn or floor, and has now been reused for a second purpose. Why is reclaimed wood such a good choice? Here are a few reasons.

Reclaimed wood has proven itself to be strong and reliable.

This is wood that has already served a purpose for many years. It survived that purpose so well that it is able to be used again. Reclaimed wood in this position is the strongest of the strong. Any boards that were not strong will have been previously discarded. Wood can also grow stronger over time as it loses moisture. This makes reclaimed wood a good choice for surfaces that need to be durable, such as floors or mantels.

Using reclaimed wood reduces emissions.

Each time wood is milled and finished, emissions are generated. Some emissions are generated when the tree is cut down. Other emissions are generated when the wood is sent through saws and planers. If you use reclaimed lumber in your home, that lumber may have to go through some sort of refinishing process, but that process is not nearly as extensive as that of milling fresh lumber. Fewer emissions escape, which means you're contributing less to climate change and environmental damage.

Using reclaimed wood saves trees.

The number of trees on this planet is not unlimited. And trees are essential because they give off oxygen that we all need to breathe. When you use reclaimed wood rather than new wood, you are helping to save trees. You may only be saving a few trees personally, but by increasing awareness of reclaimed wood, you can encourage others to also use it and save more trees.

Reclaimed wood has unique character.

Reclaimed wood doesn't usually look perfect, but that's part of its beauty. It may have remnants of an old finish, some dings from previous wear, and some smooth spots from friction. This can make the wood a conversation piece in your home and can add character to your space.

You can use reclaimed wood to build everything from floors to mantels to door frames. Include some of it in your home, and you'll get to enjoy the benefits discussed above.

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