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Learn About Your Foundation And Some Tips On Plumbing

You want to learn about foundation damage and repairs as a homeowner so you know how to recognize foundation problems and are better educated on foundation repairs and what to expect. 

Signs of foundation issues

First of all, not all visible foundation cracks are in need of repair. There are some cracks that may be insignificant, but you may still want to have any and all visual damage looked at so the professionals can let you know if the issue is serious enough to warrant repairs. 

Some signs of foundation issues that need to be addressed include:

Cracks — Large exterior cracks and/or cracks with a zig-zag pattern to them and any cracks that appear on the walls inside of the home can indicate foundation issues. Foundation issues commonly cause cracks that are located near the window frames and door frames, as well as near the ceiling and doorways. 

Uneven floors — When the floors inside of the home are uneven or there is cracking in the tiles that haven't been caused by anything in particular, then this likely indicates foundation problems. 

Nails coming out of the wall — If there are nails that are coming out of the drywall, a problem with the foundation is more than likely the cause. While one or two nails coming out of the drywall in different parts of the home may not be a problem, having a number of nails coming out in the same area is cause for concern. 

How foundation problems can affect your plumbing

Along with jeopardizing the integrity of your home itself, foundation issues can also cause problems for the plumbing. One example of this would be when the foundation shifts due to the soil swelling from moisture or shrinking due to extreme dryness, which could cause the pipes and even the pipe fixtures to bend, which could cause them to leak. 

In return, the leaking pipes could cause erosion of the foundation, further complicating the issues. Keep in mind that a plumbing test should be performed after having the foundation repaired to ensure any plumbing issues are taken care of. 


You should make sure you keep an eye out for any issues with your foundation and have potential problems looked at as soon as possible. Also, watch for signs of plumbing issues that can show themselves by way of an increased water bill, moisture in the yard when it hasn't rained or been watered, stains on the walls, or moisture on the floors or under the sinks.

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