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FAQs About Having Custom Cabinets Made

If you need cabinets for your kitchen, you have two basic options. You can buy cabinets at a big box store or home improvement store. Or, you can have cabinets custom-made for your kitchen. Both options have their advantages, but for the most part, having custom cabinets made is the better choice. Still, though, you'll want to put some thought into the decision, and you'll probably benefit from exploring the answers to these common questions about custom cabinets.

Why do custom cabinets cost so much more?

Custom cabinets do cost significantly more than pre-made cabinets. But there is a good reason for this. Some of the cost comes from the fact that the cabinet maker has to come out to your home, take measurements, and make the cabinets one at a time according to those measurements. Some of the cost also comes from the fact that custom cabinets are usually made of higher quality materials than pre-made cabinets. The cabinet maker pays more for the materials upfront, and they understandably pass that cost on to you, the customer.

How will the cabinets get to your home?

Generally, when you order custom cabinets, the price you are quoted includes installation. So, the cabinets will be delivered to your home by the cabinet company, and then they will be put in place. This is why, when buying custom cabinets, you really need to work with a local company.

What features can you customize?

This all depends on the cabinet company. However, most cabinet makers will allow you to customize basically every aspect of the cabinet. This includes the size, shape, finish, hardware, and placement of the shelves. If there is an option you cannot customize, then there is usually a good reason for it. For example, the cabinet maker may not be able to use a certain finish because it doesn't interact with the wood you chose. However, they should be able to propose alternatives to you.

How do you decide which features you want?

There are a few ways to do this when buying custom cabinets. Some cabinet companies have a showroom you can visit to see various examples. Others may have books of options and previous work you can page through or a website you can browse. You can also look at pictures from other sources, and then talk with the cabinet maker about what you want.

Hopefully, this information has helped you learn a bit more about custom cabinets. If you think this is a good choice for you, then contact a cabinet making company, like Gerald L Scott Custom Cabinetry.

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