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Four Things To Consider If You Want To Stay Open During A Commercial Remodel

There are some challenges that could arise when a business decides to remain open and in operation during a renovation. While it is definitely is not impossible, it is important that a business owner takes into consideration the risks of doing so. Here are four things that you must consider and go over with your commercial renovation contractor before making the final decision as to whether you want to stay open during the renovation.

Business Hours

You will want to sit down and contemplate how the hours of your business could impact the efficiency and quality of the remodeling project. You should also consider how you could make adjustments to accommodate the construction work as well as your employees and customers. For instance, you could schedule for the renovation work to occur after business hours, overnight, or during the slowest hours of business (early morning or late afternoon, depending on your business).


Regardless of whether you move forward with construction while still remaining open, it is imperative that you maintain open lines of communication with your employees and customers. You should be sending out e-mails, create memos, post signs, and doing anything else you can do to ensure that everyone is clear about the work that is about to begin on the property. You could even take suggestions and request feedback to ensure that you are minimizing the disruption for your staff and customers.

Construction Zones

You also need to consider how your construction area will be safely separated from your business operating area. It is imperative that this is done so that no customers or employees are in the "danger zone" and are at risk of getting injured, which could open you up to a major liability lawsuit. Access to construction zones will need to be restricted, but you will also want to consider debris barricades and noise barriers to reduce any kind of health and sound disruption.

Debris Containment

During a commercial remodel, there will be a lot of dust, dirt, debris, chemicals, etc. Unfortunately, some of this could make its way into your business area. To ensure that you are not dealing with safety and health hazards, you must figure out a way to contain these airborne particles. There are different types of containment barriers, and you could also consider a pressurizing room. Installing fans and modifying the HVAC system are also other options to consider. Ideally, you will want to speak to the renovation contractor to figure out the best debris containments options based on your individual setup and situation.

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