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What You Should Know About Having Your Septic Tank Pumped

If you have a septic system on your property, you will eventually need to have to hire septic tank pumping services to clean the tank out for you. The best running system will eventually build up sludge in the tank that needs to be removed, and the only way to get it out is through septic tank pumping.

Pumping Interval

The interval of time between septic tank pumpings is often discussed, and the timing of the service is often confusing. A septic tank that is working correctly and is not being overloaded should go several years before it needs to be pumped.

If the tank is too small and is overloaded, it can require pumping more often, but the tank should be replaced with a larger one if this is happening regularly becue it means that the system is not healthy and operating correctly. The tank is filling up, and the bacteria in the tank can not keep up with the load. 

Septic tank pumping will remove the sludge and reset the tank, but the tank will repeatedly fill up before it should, and the cost of repeating pumpings can get expensive very quickly. 

Before The Service Arrives

When you have septic tank pumping services come and clean the tank, you need to locate the cover for the tank. Sometimes grass grows over them, but in most cases, the cover is concrete or steel and will be located near the house. 

The septic tank service will remove the cover when they arrive, but you will need to point it out to them. Don't wait until they arrive to look for it because they are on a schedule, and that can delay the driver. If you are unsure where the tank is on the property, you can check the site plan filed with the town or city when the contractor pulled the permits to install the system. 

Septic Tank Inspections

If you are going to have the septic tank inspected soon, let the pumping service know that. Often septic tank pumping services remove most of the sludge, but there may still be a small amount in the tank. If the tank is due to be inspected soon, the entire tank needs to be cleaned out, and the pumping service will make sure that there is nothing in the tank when they are done. 

The inspector will often need to come the same day to inspect the tank before you add any water or waste to the system. In some cases, the inspector will coordinate with the septic tank pumping company to ensure the tank is clean and ready when they arrive to do the inspection. 

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