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Maintaining Your Building's Elevator Systems

An elevator can be an important feature of a large commercial building because it can allow individuals to comfortably and easily travel between the floors of the structure. However, a modern elevator system may be the most complicated mechanical system in the building, and this can lead to individuals needing to invest in a solid elevator maintenance strategy.

Be Prepared for the Elevator to Be Unusable During the Maintenance Work

When you are having the elevator undergo major maintenance, you will need to plan on it being out of order while this work is being done. For buildings that have multiple elevators, it may be possible to leave one operational while the other is being serviced. However, if your building only has a single elevator system, it may be best to schedule any maintenance work during nonpeak hours for the building so that the disruptions can be minimal. In most cases, a professional maintenance visit will only take a few hours to complete, but it can take longer if the system needs major repairs or components replaced.

Record Whenever Professional Maintenance Work Is Done to the Elevator

Buildings that have operational elevators will need to meet more stringent permitting requirements. This is due to the potential risk that can come with poorly maintained or malfunctioning elevator systems. As part of the requirement for obtaining a permit for an elevator system, you may need to be able to provide maintenance records that will prove that the system has been undergoing maintenance on a regular basis.

Create a Strict Cleaning Schedule for the Interior of the Elevators

In addition to maintaining the mechanical systems of the elevator, you will also need to keep the interior of it maintained. The interior of an elevator can experience significant amounts of traffic, which can make the interior dirty or in a state of disrepair if routine maintenance is not done to it.

For example, the interior of the elevator cabin should be cleaned and sanitized. In particular, attention should be given to the control panel as oil and dirt from passengers' hands can accumulate on this surface. It may even be possible for these substances to render some of the floor buttons on the panel difficult to use. The overhead lights in the elevator should be periodically checked so that they can be replaced as soon as they burn out. This can keep passengers safe by ensuring there is enough light for them to see while they are in the elevator.

To learn more, contact an elevator maintenance service near you.

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